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As we enter the New Age, it is time to wake up the global brain
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For a spiritual technique, the benefits atributed to meditation are pretty down-to-earth. Ever wondered what the real effects of meditation are? In Chaprter Four of the first part of our Brainwave Coherence Section we tell you. Forty-two years into meditation, we have a lot to say on the subject. Click here to go there.
(This chapter contains some Sanskrit terms which you may not understand unless you have read the preceding chapters.)


Origins; Processes & Mechanisms;
.The Real Effects.
Processes & Mechanisms;
Demonization; Social Evil or
Spiritual Path?
; A Psychedelics Codicil.
Farming For Gold; Secrets of Science Past; Alchemist & Kitchen Sink; The Enlightenment Pill; A Personal Codicil

Part 4 - Brain Entrainment

..Mind,Myth & Magic

..Spiritual Science

..The Karma Papers

..Neuronplasticity &
......the Evolving Brain

The original purpose and aim of this site was to jump-start the global brain before the
winter solstice in 2012. And, to a large extent, that has happened. The Global Brain is alive and working through facebook. Over the past year and more, through weekly meditation events, the Global Brain has slowly come alive through the neural connections that facebook makes possible. There is still a long way to go but you have a part to play. Through this site you will be able to sign-up and recognise your role as a neuron in the global brain. As the number of self-aware neurons in the global brain increases it should
achieve higher and higher levels of coherence and have an increasing effect on
shaping the world as we, the citizens who live within it, would wish.


Part 1: Meditation
....1. Origins of Meditation
....2. Processes and
....3. Modernization
....4. The Real Effects
....Part 2: Cannabis
....1. Origins of Cannabis Use
....2. Processes and
....3. Demonization
....4. Social Evil or
....................Spiritual Path?
....5. A Psychedelics Codicil
....Part 3: ORMUS
....1. Farming For Gold
....2. Secrets of Science Past
....3. The Alchemist & the
.........................Kitchen Sink
....4. The Enlightenment Pill
....5. A Personal Codicil
Part 4 - Brain Entrainment


...1: Mind, Myth & Magic
...An introduction to thinking,
...consciousness, self-knowledge
...and evolution.

This site is about consciousness, personal and global evolution, spirituality and the power of collective consciousness to change the world.

If the aim and purpose of this site seem rather unrealistic (and we do sometimes hear the sound of manic laughter floating somewhere on the air when we talk about it) it is only because they are. This site is built around a premise that has no basis in fact, for which there is no conventional scientific or other supporting evidence and which does not even qualify as educated speculation. However, although like most hypotheses this one floats on a cushion of hot air, there is convincing evidence that suggests that the premise upon which the site is based is so resonantly timely that almost everyone who reads what we have to say will appreciate where we are coming from. We believe that the ideas that this site promotes are already in the air and that many people already recognise them, although perhaps only tacitly.


We are

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...2: Spiritual Science
...The appliance of science.
...What price faith and belief
...when we have science?

...3: The Karma Papers
...Everything you ever want to
...know about karma but didn't
...want to push your luck by

...4: Neuronplasticity &
...the Evolving Brain
...Build yourself a new brain
...(glue not supplied.) Not quite
...but ever wondered what is
...going on inside your head
...when you meditate? Wonder
...no more. In this series we
...tell all


...The Zero Point Field
.................. & Everything
...Part 1: Introduction
...Part 2: Small, Smaller,
...Part 3: Into the Empty
...Part 4: The Gravity of
...................... .the Situation
...Part 5: Physics,
............. Metaphysics & Life
...Part 6: The Song of the
....................... Body Aquatic
...Part 7: In the Eye of the
.............................. Beholder
...Part 8: The Persistence
........................... of Memory
...Part 9: The World Beyond ...the Time/Space Continuum

...Notes, Essays and
... Rants From Facebook

...1. The Problem of Stress
...2. A Mistake of the Intellect
...3. What Is Meditation?
.. 4. Touchstones Fron the Past
.. 5. The Silent Revolution
.. 6. Overturning the Paradigms
.. 7. The Path to Enlightenment

In case you think we are more crazed than we actually are, we not aiming to sign-up all or even the majority of the neurons in the global brain. We have set our sights far, far lower (though, unfortunately, not low enough to bring much realism into the picture.) Mainly because it is not necessary. Quantum physics has shown us that waveform transitions can happen when only a very small percentage of the new waveform ‘infects’ the existing one. Thinking is a powerful waveform and coherent thinking is its supercharged big brother. There is much debate about how many people thinking the same stuff at the same time it would take to transform the global brain. It has been demonstrated that just one percent can produce a transition. But that is still a hell of a lot of people. But many other figures have been postulated. Among them .1% (in the low high millions,) .01% (less than a million but still in the high hundred thousands) and even the square root of 1% (just over 8000.) Who can say? We certainly can’t. All we can do is try to get as many people to sign-up as possible and hope that we can make the change happen or, at least, help it to happen.

It is, however, a site with more than just ideas to promulgate. It is a site where people can take action to change things. By signing up to become neurons in the global brain, people are acknowledging their role in helping to structure the future. Although, whether we like it or not, we are all part of the existing global brain, acknowledgement of our place in the global neural network has significant effects.


Every self-aware neuron brings increasing coherence and self-identity to the global brain and adds a minute but significant amount of power to the force with which the brain ‘thinks.’ The defining quality of human intelligence is self-awareness. It is this self-awareness that gives us identity and the ability to shape our lives. For the global brain to assume its full power, to become a coherent and directed force within the world some level of self-awareness seems to be a prerequisite.


There is convincing evidence that suggests that the world is a set of self-regulating systems that resembles the human body. The human body is a set of systems that are controlled and regulated by a central co-ordinating organ -- the brain (which is also a system in its own right.) It is clear from simple observation that the world consists of systems within systems within systems, just as does the body. However, one thing is missing from our model of the world as a replica of the human body -- the brain. Clearly all the systems that make up the world as we know it work more or less in synchrony but there does not seem to be any co-ordinative force holding the whole thing together and keeping it going. There must be a 'brain' somewhere within the global system that makes up the world.


So where might the brain that regulates and controls the world be located? Hmmm, difficult question to answer that. There is clearly intelligence at work in the Cosmos. We can see it in the ebb and flow of life, the changing of the seasons, the movement of the stars. Everywhere we look we can see Cosmic intelligence at work. But the brain is about more than maintaining systems. The brain is a living entity that communicates within itself, that creates thoughts apparently out of nowhere, that thinks, reasons, evaluates and motivates. Within the brain neurons are capable of communicating over comparatively vast distances and the brain is constantly alive with such communications.


So if the Cosmos provides us with the autonomic aspects of the brain, where are the neurons? The answer seems to us to be clear, obvious and unequivocal -- we are.


In acknowledging our role as part of the global brain we are responding to one of the most fundamental and powerful laws that shape the Cosmos -- the law of evolution. It is evolution that is the gasoline that drives the entire Cosmos forward. It is evolution -- the act of rising from a lower state to a higher one -- that is at the very heart of the universe. Indeed, there is nothing that the Cosmos wants more than for us to evolve to a higher state. And there is nothing that gives the Cosmos more pleasure. In this time of high speed scientific and technological evolution that empowers and connects us all what could be more natural than a parallel evolution in global human consciousness?


As the world spirals into ever increasing crisis, an evolutionary quantum leap in global human consciousness seems impossible. But is it? There is a precedent for such a quantum leap and, what is more, it is within living memory. In the last years of the 1960s a number of events took place that changed global consciousness big time. For many of us the world changed at that time. Although there were many social changes that are still with us today the biggest change was in how those who had been a part of the silent revolution perceived themselves, the world and their place in it.


The mood of change that started in the late sixties has not gone away nor diminished. Indeed, in some areas it has increased and intensified. There have been some landmark events that have been reflections of the change in global consciousness that started in those far-off days -- desegregation in the USA, acceptance of individual sexuality, Live Aid, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, Perestroika and the end of the Cold War, the release of Nelson Mandela, the election of President Obama and many others. There was also a very significant and pervasive change in attitude that is much harder to define and identify than such events. This can only be described as a growth of interest in broadly-based spirituality, mysticism and individual expansion. Bookshops these days have many shelves of titles devoted to such subjects as yoga, self-help, meditation, personal fitness, mysticism, diet, belief systems, spiritual subjects and more that, prior to the late sixties, were virtually unknown or very much of fringe interest. At the same time the speed of change within the scientific and technological fields has escalated to an almost unimaginable extent.


However, despite these positive beacons the darkness that permeates the world has remained constant. Although on one level the world is a less discriminatory, more open minded, more understanding and more intelligent place, on the level at which we all connect with it nothing has changed. Wars still rage, poverty is still rife, political systems oppress the masses, crime increases, corruption is everywhere. Same old, same old.


We can all see the parlous state of chaos that reigns in the world today. We are all aware of the fact that the world is on the way to a state of destitution in which resources will run out, food production will not keep pace with population growth and economic stability will break down. The world is -- and by association we as citizens of it are -- defined by violence, crime, wars, corruption and the lust for power.


But what can we do about it? The world is structured by political and economic systems that are supposed to represent and serve us. But do they? And what are we but nothing more than insignificant cogs in the gigantic machine that shapes our world.


We, the people of the world, have little ability to change the systems that have been imposed upon us. But it does not have to be so. If we can only activate the global brain we can take charge of our own destinies and shape the world as we would wish.


The main purpose of this site is to activate and empower the global brain. To do that we need to empower the individuals who comprise the neurons within that brain. To be the vibrant, creative, sensitive, aware, calm but dynamic people we all wish to be, it is necessary to develop coherent thinking. As coherent thinking is to the individual, so it is to the world as a whole. Through coherent thinking we come to understand our place in the Cosmic landscape and to appreciate our role in global consciousness. And through the enlightened attitudes that coherent thinking naturally generates, we can make the greatest impact on shaping the world as we would wish it to be.


Brainwave coherence seems to be one of the most important aspects of human life. In defining a set of values that would suggest a higher level of individual functioning, it defines itself as evolution in action.


For the world to evolve, people need to evolve. And understanding brainwave coherence and how to achieve it is, in our belief, crucial to that evolution.


The secondary purpose of this site is, therefore, the evolution of individuals. For that reason the first pages to go up on the site deal with the subjects of brainwave coherence and meditation. Please take a look.


As we are able to add new pages to this site we will be exploring in detail the subjects we cover in outline above. Amongst many other subjects we will be looking at are the myths and facts that define spirituality in this New Age, the nature of the global brain, the nature of the Cosmos and how it works and our role in the Cosmic system, as well as offering a complete rundown of all the evidence that supports the hypothesis upon which this site is based.

Through providing an opportunity for individual evolution leading to global evolution, we hope that this site offers a positive vision of the future we can create together. Please join us on facebook every Saturday for the Global Brain Project Weekly Meditation Events and sign up for the GBP Neuron Database. Together we can make this happen.
This home page was put together and appeared online on the wings of an incredible wave of energy in just a few hours on 14th February, 2010. At that time I had no idea what to put on the site or what I was supposed to do with the Global Brain Project. I just knew that I had been given a mission. Naturally and almost spontaneously (about as spontaneously as spending months writing tens of thousands of words,) the site grew.

Everything started to come together when I joined facebook. I saw and see facebook as the global brain in action and, hey, the neurons are talking to each other over vast distances instantaneously. On facebook I was able to promote this site and disseminate the meditation technique I offer to people worldwide. Now an old-hand at this social networking stuff, with my partner in crime, Ingrid Freitag, I have established two groups which are both active and stimulating.

In the original copy that appeared in this position on the home page I said that I would be ‘organising national, continental, trans-continental and, if possible, global coherence events.’ And, amazingly (I am always somewhat surprised when I actually get things of the ground,) that what I am doing. Ingrid and I have been organising weekly meditations events every Saturday for many months now and have a loyal following of dedicated and committed participants.

The time has now come to take the Global Brain Project and the weekly meditation events to the next level.


The Global Brain Project Power Cell Initiative is a newly created project that we are currently putting together on facebook. At the time of writing (late June, 2012) we are only a few days into creating the first Power Cell. This will consist of a collection of specially selected highly evolved long-term meditators who practice their techniques -- with a shared intention directed at problem areas in the world and major disasters -- at the same time twice daily. Those who have been meditating for some years naturally develop a familiarity with the mind and thinking processes that creates extremely potent and powerful coherent brainwaves and imbues their intentions with tremendous power and resonance.

The qualifications to join the Power Cell are stringent and exacting. Not only do those applying to join need to be free to meditate with us twice a day every day but, as the Power Cell needs to be exactly that, we are seeking only those who are very experienced meditators capable of generating very high levels of collective coherence.

The first Power Cell is only a start. When this has been operating for a while we will be seeking to set up power cells in every time zone worldwide. With the first power cell meditating together at 11.00 am and 5.30 pm UK time, cells around the globe will use the same times to begin their practice. That will mean that the power cells will be in action 24 hours a day. That can only be beneficial for the world.

To try to make sure we have full 24 hour coverage, when the first 24 power cells are established, we will look to create another 24 starting their programme half an hour after the first cell. Thus we will have power cells that are generating coherence 24 hours a day 364 days a year.

We are at a crucial time in world evolution. As consciousness rises and people begin to discover their real power, it is incumbent upon those in the know to do everything they can to help the globe ascend to the next level of evolution. We are both on the brink of a wonderful New Age and on the very edge of a precipice beyond which is global oblivion. For the first time ever, through facebook, the global brain is coming alive and, as it does so, the future of the globe increasingly passes to us, the neurons that make up that brain. It is up to us to create the future we all want. Let us all help the full light of the Age of Enlightenment to dawn. And let us all enjoy the world peace, compassion, love and bliss that it brings with it. This is your birthright and now is the time to assume it.

Jai guru dev

There is much that was promised for this site that has not appeared. But, on the other hand, there is a lot of stuff that I didn't know I was going to produce that is on the site. Trust me, it is a surprise for both of us. But the Cosmic hand moves in mysterious ways. The promised forums will not be created. My forum is facebook as part of the global brain. Please join me there and participate in our activities.


If you would like to receive copies of the two pdfs that teach our system of meditation, please write to me at webmaster@projectglobalbrain.com. Please include the words 'Meditation pdfs' in your subject line. Thank you.
Whilst we could have included the meditation documents on this page for download, there is a good reason why we require you to ask for the documents, at least we think it is a good reason. When you ask for the meditation documents you are expressing a desire for evolution and we believe that the Cosmos hears that expression. Simply downloading the documents does not have the same effect.
Space cadets to the very end, it is our belief that expressing a desire to evolve is a life-changing experience. Not, of course, as life-changing as practising the meditation but it all has to start somewhere.
Also now available in German, Hebrew and Finnish. Please ask.
(Thank you Ingrid Freitag, Jenia Mehalchuk & Kate Kiefling )

Possessed by fingers with a will of their own and a low level of literacy, I am always seeking proof-readers to check my copy. As the checks are for literals (spelling, punctuation and grammar,) some literacy is required. Whilst there is not a vast amount of copy to read, I do write every day and the copy can build-up. I rarely write anything over 5000 words in length so the time-commitment should not be onerous. If you would like to help, please write to me at webmaster@projectglobalbrain.com.
As we cannot afford to use professional translation services and as the free ones are so awful, we are particularly seeking translators. If you have translation skills of any kind we would like to hear from you.

This is a free site with no commercial interests whatsoever. The site is dedicated to humanity and the Spirit of Evolution. It is inspired by the work of many New Age visionaries. Among them we would particularly like to thank Peter Russell, Bruce Lipton, Mark Heley, Geoff Stray, Deepak Chopra, Alistair Shearer and (posthumously) Oliver Reiser and Teilhard de Chardin. And finally, we also owe an immense debt to St. Albert and Big M, both of whom flipped the switch that started this divine insanity.
If you have any questions, comments or criticisms relating to the Global Brain Project or the contents of this site, please write to me at webmaster@projectglobalbrain.com. Please include the words: Global Brain Project or the abbreviation GBP in your subject line. Thank you.
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The Zero Point Field
& Everything
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Small, Smaller, Smallest
Part 3:
Into the Empty Fullness
Part 4: The Gravity of the
................................. Situation
Part 5: Physics, Metaphysics
...................................... & Life
Part 6: The Song of the
........................... Body Aquatic
Part 7: In the Eye of the
.................................. Beholder
Part 8: The Persistence of
.................................... Memory
Part 9: The World Beyond the
............ Time/Space Continuum

Notes, Essays and
Rants From Facebook

1. The Problem of Stress
2. A Mistake of the Intellect
3. What Is Meditation?
4. Touchstones Fron the Past
5. The Silent Revolution
6. Overturning the Paradigms
7. The Path to Enlightenment